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We are proud to join hands with you to support a good cause. 

By developing a compelling website for your Non-Profit Organization, we derive insurmountable satisfaction knowing we are joining hands with you to be a force for social good. We, therefore, put our best foot forward to ensure we tell your story through design.

Whether you are a charity organization rendering goods or services to the general community or a not-for-profit serving just a select group of people, we bring our understanding of your target audience’s behaviour to draw them into your story. We join hands with you and encourage donations and community advancement.

And knowing the service you’re rendering to humankind, ITI Canada renders its support not only through flawless non-profit website design services but also by offering huge discounts. We have special rates for you!

We also design your non-profit website using WordPress and all the best tools, themes, and plug-ins to improve website speed, user-friendliness, and, ultimately, SEO performance.

You can also leave your non-profit website maintenance to us. Go about your business making lives better while we carry out IT support and maintenance for your website.

From 501(c)(4) to 501(c)(29) charity organizations and everything between, we work alongside your purpose, vision, and story to create an effective website design that empowers. We achieve this by utilizing the right graphics, images, and templates that work best for your target demographics while also posting content that resonates with them. 

You have volunteers to manage, donors to keep happy, and events to run. The expert team at ITI Canada knows how busy it can be to run a non-profit foundation even when you aren’t making profits. We, therefore, avail our comprehensive services to help you through:

  • Collaboration through Technology
  • Domain support
  • Maintenance
  • Website administration and posting content that aligns with your goals
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Digital marketing
  • Accessibility
  • Efficient information distribution within your team
  • UX, UI, and website design

We know what works to improve donations.

What you get?

You are making the world a better place. We give you all the tools to make that possible

Website design and maintenance for non-profits and NGOs.

We are always happy to work with clients supporting a social good, and we bring our best foot forward to ensure the effectiveness and global reach of your efforts.

We value the help you offer to humankind, and we show our support by building your website at discounted rates.

As your administrative assistant, we help manage and distribute information within your non-profit organization and to your target audience.

Go about your business making lives better while we carry out support and maintenance for your website.

Our Best In Class Features

Website Support

We carry out web support to monitor and report issues such as data or content errors, data not appearing as it should, thus helping you discern when changes and updates are required.

Quality Assurance

We provide quality assurance services to ensure your website users get a functional user interface and the best user experience possible. 

Responsive Design

Knowing how Google prioritizes mobile-friendliness when ranking results, we deliver high web and mobile-responsive themes to strengthen your digital presence.

Discount Prices

Knowing the value of the service you’re rendering to humankind, we render our support not only through flawless non-profit website design services but also by offering special rates.

Launch Support

ITI Canada also provides planning and support to bring your new organization and its services to public knowledge nd embark your digital presence. 


We help ease this burden by taking IT support, maintenance, and administrative assistance on our shoulders so you can focus on your good works.

Our Awesome Clients

Our Case Studies

We give you all the tools you need to digitalize your business, build a strong online presence, drive traffic, increase global exposure, and improve revenue stream.

ARMA Vancouver Island
BC Black History Awareness Society
BC Ferry Commission


“John Sherrah and the staff at ITI are like family to me. They took every stage of our product’s development seriously, no matter how small. Thanks to ITI, we have grown our products and implemented a sustainable business model that will advance our company mission—to help board of directors of non-profit organizations throughout the world grow in leadership and governance effectiveness.

Yvonne D. Cafik, PhD

Founding Member and Director

“The BC Black History Awareness Society (BCBHAS) has had the pleasure of having ITI as a key partner in the success of our organization since June 2015. ITI host our website and provide services in all aspects of website security, management and support. Our Society interacts with diverse audiences around the world and our website is a key aspect for our continued success. ITI has proven to be effective, efficient, detail-oriented, and knowledgeable. BCBHAS is enthusiastic about opportunities to continue the valued relationship with ITI. ”

Fran Morrison


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Social Media Marketing

Choose a package according to your budget, and leave your social media account management to us.

Website Packages

Choose a package according to the number of pages and features you need for your website.

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