Social Media Marketing

Bringing your business closer to your target audience.

Social media marketing is an opportunity to give your business a personality. Whether on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn, regularly posting relevant and interesting content on your social media accounts is an excellent way to build a loyal customer base and enriched brand awareness.

At ITI Canada, we understand the key social media marketing tactics and content design for each social media platform. And if you do not find the time to manage your own social media account, we can help you.

Why social media marketing?

Social media marketing is an opportunity to reach customers across the globe. About 90% of young adults use social media to communicate with brands. This means even when nobody searches for your services on Google, you can bring your services to them on Social Media.

But we understand that not all businesses have the time to create content for their social accounts and that’s why our team at ITI Canada is here to help.

We can help you develop a strong social media strategy that involves:

  • Creating rich content to engage your audience
  • Compelling social media ads
  • Strategic content design as is most effective per social media platform
  • Scheduling the posting of content to align with the time your target audience is most active on social media
  • Managing your content and profiles

With leads generated, users sharing our social media posts, and sales increasing, you can be confident that we will replicate the same for your business.

Our social media marketing packages offer budget-friendly rates, and you can opt for whichever one is most suitable for your business and budget.

At ITI Canada, we are fully committed to seeing your business grow and become even more successful.

What you get?

Social media marketing that drives results

Get a team of marketing experts richly knowledgeable in the dynamics and trends of the social media landscape.

We take a deep dive into the demographics and interests of your audience for insight into how best we can engage them and understand which social media platform is best for your business.

We draft out budget considering paid promotions, and analytics tools, we design your budget to optimally actualize your business goals.

We monitor, gather and analyze data from the various social media platforms to track what people are saying about products and companies similar to yours.

See at a glance the success of your campaign using tools like Facebook insights, Google analytics and measure the increase in followers.

Our Best In Class Features


Content creation

We brainstorm, do some research on your competitors, and draft engaging content ideas for your social media calendar, and craft out the best one to post on all the platforms. 

Content Design

We design visually pleasing graphics for your social media platforms by designing posts as per your brand’s corporate identity using tools like Adobe and Canva.


We integrate all the social media platforms into your website. We help you bring all platforms together to form a unified and consistent process.

Brand Awareness

By applying a strong social media strategy, and posting consistently in designing the posts we help you significantly increase your brand recognition.


Social media marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies, and we make it even more budget-friendly with our various packages.


Coordinating & Scheduling

We use tools to coordinate, add and approve the ideas we designed for your Social Media. We schedule the posts one week ahead, this ensures flexibility for changes.

Our Awesome Clients

Our Case Studies

We give you all the tools you need to digitalize your business, build a strong online presence, drive traffic, increase global exposure, and improve revenue stream.

Broad Street Cycles
ARMA Vancouver Island
BC Black History Awareness Society


“John Sherrah and the staff at ITI are like family to me. They took every stage of our product’s development seriously, no matter how small. Thanks to ITI, we have grown our products and implemented a sustainable business model that will advance our company mission—to help board of directors of non-profit organizations throughout the world grow in leadership and governance effectiveness.

Yvonne D. Cafik, PhD

Founding Member and Director

“The BC Black History Awareness Society (BCBHAS) has had the pleasure of having ITI as a key partner in the success of our organization since June 2015. ITI host our website and provide services in all aspects of website security, management and support. Our Society interacts with diverse audiences around the world and our website is a key aspect for our continued success. ITI has proven to be effective, efficient, detail-oriented, and knowledgeable. BCBHAS is enthusiastic about opportunities to continue the valued relationship with ITI. ”

Fran Morrison


Choose from our packages

Social Media Marketing

Choose a package according to your budget, and leave your social media account management to us.

Website Packages

Choose a package according to the number of pages and features you need for your website.

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