Lake Cowichan Minor Baseball League

This website was created for the Lake Cowichan Minor Baseball team to assist with giving information and forms to parents.

responsive views of a website

Website Features

  • Scrolling announcement text
  • Contact form
  • User friendly and responsive tables
  • Accordion tabs
  • Custom menu styles
  • Responsive photo gallery
  • Large hero image with feature text
  • Website pre-loader for efficient viewing

Representative of Children and Youth

This website was a conversion from Joomla to WordPress and contains a large amount of content. This website has 300+ blog posts and photos complete with three pages that act like a blog page but have different purposes. The template is based on a WordPress template that we modified to look almost identical to the original website. Photos to be added soon.

Website Features

  • Social media widgets (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube)
  • YouTube video playlist
  • 3 post pages
  • Contact form
  • Custom menu styles
  • Responsive layout and menu
  • Compatible with: Chrome, FireFox, IE11 and Safari
  • FAQ Section
  • Posts searchable by year and category
  • Custom Theme and Responsive Features

BC Black History Awareness Society

This website was created for the BC Black History Awareness Society. They are a registered charity that has a membership program. They also hold events for Black History Awareness.


Website Features

  • Membership Form
  • Contact form
  • User friendly and responsive tables
  • Payment features set up with PayPal
  • Large hero image with feature text​
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