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ITI Canada manages and maintains your website to keep it running efficiently at all times.

As much as you’d want to avoid it, the truth is that website design and development is only the beginning of a continuous journey. In order to sustain the functionality and security of your website and keep it competitive in the ever-changing technology landscape, you would need regular website maintenance and updates.

And most importantly, it is essential for your website is to WordPress Maintenance and Administration  expert in BC who would ensure your updates match the latest requirements and industry trends.

Choosing ITI Canada as your website maintenance expert in Victoria, BC, gives you the assurance that all of the above will be consistently carried out to keep your website healthy, encourage traffic growth, and strengthen your Google ranking and SEO.

Our services give you the option to leave your website maintenance in our competent hands.

The burden of managing your business as a CEO makes it easy for you to neglect those tasks that seem irrelevant in the immediate moment. Website maintenance and management can become overlooked as it doesn’t appear as an immediate need. These services include posting and updating content, implementing new security protocols, and resolving software problems.

Regularly monitoring your website is indispensable in building SEO, site authority, traffic growth, KPI (key performance indicator), Google ranking, and understanding your website visitors’ behavior.

We’re here to help.

As your WordPress Maintenance and Administration in Victoria, BC, the expert team at ITI Canada keeps an eye on your website, executes tasks and can make updates whenever the need may arise.

What you get?

Giving your website the security and maintenance it needs to thrive in this highly dynamic digital ecosystem

Our website maintenance and administration service is aimed at ensuring your website runs efficiently and securely at all times.

We provide change management for all proposed requests to always give you an estimation of time and schedule while maintaining consistency.

We will notify you about important security updates that effect your website and plug-in versions.

We can provide scheduled manual updates to keep your content and security ever-reliable. Leave your website maintenance and administration to us while you focus on improving your business.

We can provide administration and content updates at your request. You provide the content we can update and make the required changes.

Our Best In Class Features

Tech Support

We provide tech support for your website to monitor, report, and rectify issues such as page not loading, inability to log on or update a page, etc.


Regular Backups

We provide periodic and secure back-ups for your WordPress website. The frequency of back-ups will be personalized to your specific needs.


Content Updates

We can update your websites content as requested. First we provide you with an estimate for the changes then, after approval we will complete the work.

Site Monitoring

We can manage and monitor your content and rectify content issues to help you maintain an impressive Google ranking.


Regular Updates

We can provide regular updates to your website at a frequency at which you decide. Leave the hard work to us!



We provide a detailed website analytics overview using AWstats which can give you insight on how your website is preforming.

Best Website administration services

Our website administration service is aimed at ensuring your website runs efficiently and securely at all times.

  • Performing WordPress and plug-in updates
  • Implementing new security protocols
  • Managing user accounts
  • WordPress administration
  • Capturing leads
  • Creating new web pages
  • Posting content (blogs, articles, videos, and images)
  • Updating content
  • Making layout changes and re-design
  • Finding the latest security plug-ins and making updates when needed
  • Monitoring website performance

With ITI Canada, you get premiere website administration services at affordable prices.

Our Awesome Clients

Our Case Studies

We give you all the tools you need to digitalize your business, build a strong online presence, drive traffic, increase global exposure, and improve revenue stream.

Broad Street Cycles
ARMA Vancouver Island
BC Black History Awareness Society


“John Sherrah and the staff at ITI are like family to me. They took every stage of our product’s development seriously, no matter how small. Thanks to ITI, we have grown our products and implemented a sustainable business model that will advance our company mission—to help board of directors of non-profit organizations throughout the world grow in leadership and governance effectiveness.

Yvonne D. Cafik, PhD

Founding Member and Director

“The BC Black History Awareness Society (BCBHAS) has had the pleasure of having ITI as a key partner in the success of our organization since June 2015. ITI host our website and provide services in all aspects of website security, management and support. Our Society interacts with diverse audiences around the world and our website is a key aspect for our continued success. ITI has proven to be effective, efficient, detail-oriented, and knowledgeable. BCBHAS is enthusiastic about opportunities to continue the valued relationship with ITI. ”

Fran Morrison


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