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Essential Elements of a Killer Homepage Design

Many of your website visitors will find your homepage first. With that in mind, you need to make a solid first impression, these best homepage design essential elements help you a lot.

Your homepage is like your online storefront. It can make or break your business. Just the same way you’d be tempted to enter a shop when you see attractive products well-displayed outside, so it is with a homepage. And just as you’d likely pass by when you don’t see anything appealing from the shop’s exterior, so also is it with your homepage.

We can confidently say that your homepage is the most important aspect of your website design considering it’s the first page the user lands on when searching for you. So you want to have a killer homepage design that grasps the user’s attention right from the first second, compelling them to check out your business and make a purchase.

These are the best killer homepage design elements.

1. Headline

The headline is the most powerful piece of text on your home page. It’s what the user sees first immediately they land. Hence, it must be conspicuous. But most importantly, it should say at a glance what you do and what the customer can get from you.

2. Stunning graphics

A picture speaks a thousand words. The right graphics that go in line with your niche matter a lot. Color, text, images; should work together and compel desire in the audience’s minds. From smiling-people photos to beautiful sunsets and ultra-clean houses, show your audience how their lives will be like when they buy your product or service.

3. Contact information

The purpose of your website is for your audience to learn about you and ultimately reach you. So it’s always a great idea to place your contact at the top and footer section of your homepage. At the top, it might be “contact,” “call us,” or “book a consultation.” At the footer, state your address, phone number, and email.

4. Clear value proposition

Your value proposition or ultimate selling point is not just a catchphrase. It’s the value you bring to the customer’s life. Remember that your website isn’t all about you but what benefit the customer will enjoy. So you want to tell them how their lives would be better when they get in touch. If you help them make their business grow or make more money, make it clear.

5. Navigation

You want to make life easy for your customer, and that begins with how they navigate your website. Let them find your Home, About Page, Services, Contact, and any other information they’d want to have without stress.

6. Create trust

You’ve told your target audience what you do. But there’s one question still in their minds: “Can you really deliver as you’ve said?” They want to know if they can take your word for it. But don’t just let them take your word for it because you’d only get a few buyers that way. Show them proof through testimonials. What positive things have clients said about your business? That’s how you create trust with your website.

7. Short text

Simplicity is exquisite. Although you may be tempted to say all about your business on the homepage, keep it concise. Help your audience see your value without overwhelming them with information. They will find such info on the other pages. And this leads us to the next element.

8. Clear call to action (CTA)

Your homepage design must have several call-to-action buttons if you want the user to do something. It could be a “Read More” button underneath your services. Clicking the button takes the user to the page where they’d get more information about that idea. These kinds of CTA are known as transitional CTAs.

Also, you want to include direct CTAs such as “buy now,” “get a free trial,” “schedule a consultation,” “get a free quote,” etc.

With the above elements on your homepage design, you’ve made a great stride towards compelling your website visitors to do business with you.

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