WordPress Update 5.2

WordPress Update 5.2 has Made Updates Easier

WordPress Update 5.2, Take a backup of your site before updating. You’re now ready to upgrade from your older WordPress version to the most recent one. 

On May 7th 2019 WordPress released an update that improves its CMS (content management system) and how it is updated. WordPress is currently the most popular CMS for websites. This popular CMS has more then 18 million users worldwide and is easy to use and is open source. Therefore, WordPress is a great tool for building websites.

The new update includes features that are beneficial to developers and light users.

The big features for developers is the site health check to assist with configuration errors and PHP error protection to add a recovery mode. Recovery mode helps by pausing plug-ins or themes that cause errors. This means that it is now easier to sustain website health and maintenance when updating.

Features added that improve all user experience is accessibility updates and plug-in compatibility checks. For accessibility this includes improvements for screen readers and other assisting technologies. As well as plug-in compatibility checks, WordPress now checks the PHP version to ensure that it will work after updating. As a result, updating WordPress is able to update smoothly and prevent site errors.

An important part of the update is that a new body tag added called “wp_body_open” allows further theme customization and coding. This means that there is a new space before the “” tag of the page to create content.

To read a detailed description of all the updates click here to visit wordpress.org.

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