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Pixabay Stock Photos for your Website

Pixabay stock photos is a great free resource for your website and brand. First, what is a stock photograph? Stock images are generic photos, illustrations, and icons created without a particular project in mind. They are then licensed, usually for a fee, to individuals. In this case, the service is free but creators of the photos get proceeds when you download one of there photos.

When it comes to creating websites adding stock images is a great way to start. Adding a stock photos can bring your website to life and add professionalism. Therefore, this is useful if you do not own a professional camera. A website that is great for royalty free stock photos is a website called “Pixabay“. “Pixabay” has a large collection of royalty free and high quality Images for your website. If you want a large photo to use in a banner you do not have to sign up to the site to download it. If you are looking for a larger photo it requires you to sign up to the site.

Image by Alexander Belyaev from Pixabay
Cherry blossom photo by Hans on Pixabay.

These photos are available in four different sizes to use for content on your website.

Signing up for Pixabay

Signing up is a fast process and only requires an email confirmation to use. The photos look professional and have a lot of keywords and as a result photos will be easy to find. Type in a keyword and it takes you to photos that match that word. Then you pick the size of photo you want to use and download it. Below is a photo I download from the website of a girl sitting on stairs wearing roller blades. This is one example of the many pictures that you can find on Pixabay.

Profiles on Pixabay

Another thing that you can do on Pixabay is follow the person who created the photo and see other work they upload. On their profile page it also tells you about what camera they are using for the photos and more information about the creator. This is a great place to find out what content you like and what cameras are popular for these kind of photos. There are many places to find professional stock photos. Some websites charge money to use but this one does not which is why we recommend it.

Exploring the Pixabay Library of Unlimited Free Photographs

Exploring Pixabay’s stock photos to find your desired image is a relatively simple process. Firstly, visit the Pixabay website and select the “Photos” tab at the top of the page. This will take you to an extensive library of free high-quality images. From here, you can refine your search using the filters in the left column. You can filter by category, orientation (portrait or landscape), color, size, and even license type.

Pixabay free photos homepage
After clicking the “nature” tag at the top you are greeted with this screen.

Finally, once you have narrowed down your results, you can look through each photo’s preview to find one that fits your needs. After picking the photo that best fits your topic and use, click on it and download it directly from Pixabay. It’s important to read through Pixabay’s licensing details before using any images in commercial projects or products. Beware, the first row of photos are from the iStock website, which you will have to pay for. So if you are looking for free images, stick to the second row and down.

Pixabay is an incredibly useful resource for finding free high-quality stock photos quickly and easily. With its large selection of images and filtering options, finding just the right image for your project is made easier than ever before!

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