Is MailChimp better than WordPress

Is MailChimp better than WordPress?

Is MailChimp better than WordPress?

MailChimp is a branding company that provides email marketing and newsletter campaigns for websites. They provide service for free if you meet certain perimeters. MailChimp has now decided to expand their market into website building and domain names services. Is the new service that they offer better than WordPress?

Email Marketing and Website Unanimously

In the beta version of the MailChimp website builder they advertise a built-in sign up form, a coming soon page and simplified marketing. This can be replicated in WordPress and with more freedom and community resources. Although it requires plug-in’s to function and they offer those features out of the box. This is a big step to make for a company that provides email marketing services. It could pay off as people like simple and easy to use solutions.

Simple Website Layout Creator and Styling

The best thing about MailChimp’s new website service is that everything is in once place and it does not require you to update and manage plug-ins. The interface seems easy to utilize the many features it contains. A drag and stop editor that looks fairly vanilla. The built-in editor does not compare to WordPress’s free plug-in caller “Elementor”. Elementor already has an abundance of features and community created add-ons for content creators to use. The market of website building is difficult to compete with since there already is an abundance of resources available.

Something New to Learn

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A roadblock that new website builders have is the learning curve and adoption of something new. Consumers enjoy products that they know how to use and are comfortable with. It may be frustrating to some people as this is a new service and they are calling it a “beta”. This means that the content will be improved and added over time and many people prefer to use a polished service.

In Conclusion

MailChimp’s new website builder has some perks but people will not want to learn a new interface before it has more community support. WordPress already contains a multitude of plug-ins, services and a plethora of community created content. This makes it difficult for new companies to compete in the market. Consider waiting for the services to become refined before trying to utilize it for a website as the resource are lacking as this point in time.

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