WordPress Update to 5.3 introduces the new default theme. The “default theme” is an official theme by WordPress. This theme used when WordPress installs is called “Twenty Twenty”. This naming scheme follows previous years theme called “Twenty Nineteen”.

The Twenty Twenty theme built for the block editor in WordPress looks simple. Twenty Twenty promises organizations and businesses to “create dynamic landing pages with endless layouts using the group and column blocks.”Twenty Twenty theme description. The “Customizer” can change the background and accent colors of the theme. This theme features a one column layout and a full width template. This does not leave options for a sidebar or a boxed layout which is desirable for content heavy websites.

Sample page from the 2020 WordPress theme.

Above is a preview of the sample page for the theme. It has a simple menu with bold icons and text. With effort this has the capability of being a decent and flexible theme.

In conclusion, the WordPress theme Twenty Twenty is a theme that is worth checking out if you have a website that is not content heavy and does not require a sidebar. If you wish to learn more about this theme click here to read the official page.

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